March 2, 2015


These two color reduction block prints were created by my 7th graders.  This was their first time with linoleum cutting and using registration blocks.

This lesson was going on during Super Bowl week, and I enjoyed using the Seahawks logo as a current event element.  Of course it was understood that by showing the logo, I was in no way going against my Patriots!

A very interesting article on the legend of the logo was found here.

Our steps to a successful assignment:

After studying the design styles of the Pacific Northwest, draw an animal face or body using simple oviod and formline shapes. 

Color your design with black and one other color.  Remember whatever is white will still be white when finished.

Transfer the design to your linoleum block.  The simple pencil scribble method works fine!

Outline your pencil drawing in permanent marker.  Sometimes the pencil will rub off when carving. 

Begin carving out all that you want to remain white.  Remember this is a reduction print, so there will be several colors.

Roll on your first color and print.

Carve away all you want to remain your first color {blue for my example}.

Ink it up with black and make sure to line up your block correctly in your registration plate.

Pull your print!

Don't forget to give a quick lesson on the ethics of printmaking ~ chances are if your kids are like mine, not one of them in the series will look exactly the same.  Perfect chance to explain what a series is supposed to be :)

Happy printing!
~ Kristin


  1. Maybe you could come give a workshop on this in my district next year!!!???!!!