May 28, 2015


For those of you still in school, here is a quick {40 Minutes} lesson on Peter Max I do with 4th Graders.

 Our 4th Grade Social Studies curriculum is all about Virginia and American History so this is a perfect culmination for the year.

I don't reveal the final image or the artist we are learning about until about half way through the class.  I'm not kidding when I say the last 15 minutes or so will be dead silent.  

Kids + paintbrush - pencils and erasers = QUIET and concentrating!

Step 1:  Crayon rubbings all over 8x12 paper

Step 2:  
Put up a drawing or photograph of the face of the Statue of Liberty.  Remind the kids of why she has 7 points on her crown and the simple lines and shapes they can use to draw her.  Approximately 10 minutes for this, but keep it simple - no shading, not lots of texture.  I have them draw in their sketchbooks.

Last step :  Paint with black paint and tiny round brushes - NO pencil.  You will have 20+ silent artists concentrating on keeping their pinkies out {I always teach the kids to hold their paintbrushes tall with pinkies out!}




Do you have any quick art history lessons?  Please share them in the comments below!

Happy 4th Grade Painters in only 40 minutes!
~ Kristin


  1. Oh, yes! This is great and exactly what I want to do with them for the last class! Quick and to the point! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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  3. I love all the different looks on Lady Liberty's face
    Lee Darter