August 26, 2014


It's official ~ school is IN!

I wanted to share a few things I've updated around the room as well as my classroom rules.  Last year I started using Whole Brain Teaching rules and this year I decided to update them to my specific needs. 

 #1 - Raise your Hand for Permission to Speak
#2 - Speak Quietly
#3 - Clean Up After Yourself
#4 - Make Good Choices
#5 - Have Fun!

I have one set posted on the wall and one small set on a ring hanging on my teaching easel so I can reference them with the K-2 crowd on the carpet.  I use hand motions and make sure the kids repeat the rules every time they come to class. 

Click for the google doc links of the letter and 1/2 size paper rules.

Love the borders I used?  Find them on Amazon!


Good luck to all of you starting back at school!  It'll be October before we even know it :)
~ Kristin


  1. AW Yay! I made a pencil sign just like that a couple of years ago and it's been all over Pinterest. Glad people are finding it helpful!!!

  2. WOW! I just pinned this whole page. Thanks so much for the inspriation!

    Nic Hahn,

  3. What is silent start? They have to start working silently?

    1. Yes, after materials are distributed, I turn on the timer for 5 minutes of silent or mostly quiet working time. They are WAY more focused on beginning this way.

  4. Really like the silent start idea! Thank you! BTW, I can view the freebie (Whole Brain Art Room Rules), but I'm unable to print or edit. When I go to print, it shows a blank page.
    Requested permission from you on Google. :)

  5. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this - I've been on vacation without technology :)
    I changed the setting - not sure why it was set wrong. Please try it now and let me know!
    Thanks for looking!