February 7, 2017


Delft or Delftware is blue and white tin-glazed pottery that originated in the Netherlands in the 1600s in the town of Delft.

My 5th graders are currently studying the geography of Europe in their Social Studies curriculum.  Each student used various tints/shades of blue sharpie to create their own version of a Delftware tile.

The supplies are minimal:  Sharpies & card stock cut to squares.  Note : I was gifted several thousand of these square cards by a student's grandmother many years ago (the student was in the 3rd grade and she's now a Senior in High School....so a long time!) and I'm starting to run out!  I don't know what I'll do when they are gone!  We used them for everything...

Easy, two class assignment with great cross-curricular benefits!

Happy Super Bowl Victory Parade Day friends :) !
~ Kristin

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