October 22, 2016


In October I always introduce a unit on Vincent Van Gogh to 1st graders.  During the unit we discuss size perspective, line, color, and shapes.

I like to show them this painting (Fishing Boats at Sea 1888) .We can imagine so much about this painting!  And check out those waves ... we talk about feeling this painting ... imagine it would be very scratchy...

The second time we meet we look at this painting (Wheatfield with Crows 1890) and talk about how it makes us feel, where the roads are leading too, and why it looks like there are two moons!?  It's a great discussion and since the kids are in a Halloween mood, it fits right in there too!

After that quick discussion we go right to work! Paint pallets are all ready for them, no water, just paint.

We use a limited pallet and discuss why we chose those colors and which order we should go in so we don't have to worry about cleaning our brush - and how we can guess Van Gogh himself didn't do that (if he had washed his brush that moon wouldn't look so green!)

After we finish painting, black oil pastels are used to add the crows.

Aren't they beautiful!

Love painting with kids!  SO much fun and relaxing ... I have the quietest little painters!

What paintings do you like to do with the lower grades?  I'd love to hear and see!

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