September 12, 2013


This week Kindergarten and 1st grade reviewed types of lines {our Line Alphabet}.  I had made this anchor chart with Kindergarten last week and both classes reviewed the lines with me in our group meeting on the carpet.

{found inspiration from this pin}

Kindergarten Magic Carpets

This class we practiced these lines again, this time with our 'Magic Crayons' {aka Oil Pastels} to make a Magic Carpet.  We looked at a few Magic Carpet pictures, and saw the lines and designs on them and the direction these lines made.  Then after they drew all the different lines we used our paint ... and MAGIC!  The lines stayed put as the paint went on top.  This was also a great review for how to use a paintbrush correctly.

 {Tip:  punching the holes and tying the tassels before they drew on the paper was the best way to go! Here is a whole class ready to go.}

Happy Thursday!!
~ Kristin

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