March 22, 2017


I am not a fan of writing sub plans.  Find me one teacher who is right?  I think it's especially hard for us Art teachers since we don't have textbooks or worksheets ... and usually although my lesson plans have the appropriate objectives and things written down, most of my plans are in my head.

Inspired by Cassie Stephens, and her session at the Art of Education Winter Conference, I got the brilliant idea to film my sub plan for tomorrow.   It's a very simple sub lesson; just a guided drawing and some rubbing plates, but it feels awesome to know the results will be what I want them to be!

Here's a bit of the finished assignment.  Click here for the whole video.

I have to admit, it was easy in theory, but due to the Windows & Apple interface issues, it took me a lot longer than I wanted.  I got it all uploaded by the end of the day, and had my last class of 2nd graders be my Beta testers.  It was very cute how excited they were to see my video and they even clapped at the end!

I'm looking forward to doing a few more videos for the next sub days!
Happy Spring!

March 8, 2017


8th graders have been studying Edward Hopper and the feeling of isolation in his paintings.  They created their own paintings of lighthouses (lighthouses seem like lonely structures in themselves!), using placement of land and water, and light to mimic his style.


February 15, 2017


Several years ago I did a lesson with my 3rd grade that was very popular - OLYMPIC PICTOGRAMS - you can find the original post here.

This year I did it again, this time using purple for the shadows.  Just gives it a different softer feel.  Kids loved it.

We haven't had a single snow day, so I'm living winter through our art lessons!
~ Kristin

February 7, 2017


Delft or Delftware is blue and white tin-glazed pottery that originated in the Netherlands in the 1600s in the town of Delft.

My 5th graders are currently studying the geography of Europe in their Social Studies curriculum.  Each student used various tints/shades of blue sharpie to create their own version of a Delftware tile.

The supplies are minimal:  Sharpies & card stock cut to squares.  Note : I was gifted several thousand of these square cards by a student's grandmother many years ago (the student was in the 3rd grade and she's now a Senior in High a long time!) and I'm starting to run out!  I don't know what I'll do when they are gone!  We used them for everything...

Easy, two class assignment with great cross-curricular benefits!

Happy Super Bowl Victory Parade Day friends :) !
~ Kristin

January 11, 2017


A fun one class lesson for 5th graders.  Lots of vocabulary - Matisse; negative & positive space; printmaking; symmetry; balance; variety.

Students printed and stamped heart symbols on papers. Cut heart shapes.  No trash allowed!

These are going to look so cheerful hanging in the hall during these gloomy winter days!
Happy Cutting!

January 9, 2017


Kindergarten today.  Our last Jan Brett book - her adaptation of the Ukrainian folk tale The Mitten. 

Materials . . .
blue 9x12 construction paper
white tempera paint

We love Jan Brett's illustrations - her own version of the triptych.  In The Mitten, we looked for which animal was coming up next.  Of course the pictures are seen through the mitten shape!

Kindergarteners drew 'Y' trees, an animal from the story, and the mitten with the crayons then painted the ground and the trees with snow.  

Can you spot the mittens?

Don't you just love that porcupine?!
Stay warm - wear your mittens!
~ Kristin

January 6, 2017


4th Graders learn about the photographer Snowflake Bentley and the concept of negatives by making Gelli Monoprints.

Supplies . . .
Gelli plate
Acrlyic Paint
Printer Paper

Cut paper snowflakes . . .

Prepare Gelli plates with acrylic paint.  White paint for blue paper, blue paint for white paper.  Lay snowflake on top of plate.  Press and pull!

Happy Snow Days!