August 12, 2016


Yes it sounds like  it should read: Fairy Tale Prince but really it's Prints.  As in printmaking.

These beauties were linoleum block prints created by amazing 7th graders.  Their theme was anything from a fairy tale.  Some choice a scene, some an object, others just a symbol.  And some were more cartoon character but hey, I don't say no!

Of course I'm completely biased and think that my son's is one of the best :)  It's Cinderella's slipper and he made it for his sister.  That makes it even better of course!

It hangs below her Disneyland souvenir frame in her room.

I love printmaking with Middle School and I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions.  Hit me up with your best!

~ Kristin

August 8, 2016


What do you give people that have everything?  Handmade gifts!  My parents' birthdays are back-to-back, so sometimes the gifts are not only handmade, but are made for both of them.   This year I wanted to try the Wood Burning tool because I had never made anything with it, and I also thought my teenager would be able to help.

A quick run to IKEA and we picked up a SNUDDA Lazy Susan for them, and a small cutting board for practice. You can not beat the cost of IKEA for DIY projects!

Print out your desired text in a fun font. I used the Silhouette software for this so that the text is linked together instead of individual letters.

Crop the text and scribble all over the back with your pencil - exactly like we transfer designs in the classroom.  Tape down on one side like a hinge so you can check on the transfer as you go.

Heat up the wood burner.  It's important for the tool to be extremely hot. I used several of the wood burning tips from this Creative Versa-Tool kit from Walnut Hollow.  This thing has so many possibilities that I haven't explored yet!

Both my son and I played around with the different tips and practiced.  There was definitely a bit of a learning curve as the short cord makes it awkward to move around and the safety rubber grib is a bit farther back for someone who holds their pencil close to the tip.

On the back we tried a simple branch and leaf.  Since the leaf shape is one of the nibs, it was super easy to do, so we decided to let this be part of our final design for the cutting board also.

Finally we oiled the board and admired our work with a snack!

A very quick and inexpensive DIY project! 

If you have any other ideas for things we could wood burn, I'm all game!  I'd love to see your projects too.

Happy Wood Burning!
~ Kristin

August 5, 2016


This is my third post on pieces of furniture I've painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  You can find the shoe shelf here and the nightstand here.

This summer I helped my mother redo a spare bedroom.  She had a sentimental attachment to this bookcase and didn't just want to give it to Goodwill.  I of course dragged it home to redo.


To fit my home, I really wanted to make it modern yet with the cottage feel.   For this I painted with Annie Sloan in Graphite.

Graphite isn't really a true black.  AS doesn't make a true black.  It's more of a blue grey.  Two coats will give you a beautiful dark blue grey, like a deep steel.  It's also easy to see where you didn't have the same amount of paint on your brush.

To get a deeper black use dark wax.  I used Folk Art Home Decor Wax in Antique.  Why not Annie Sloan? Because I was being cheap and this was $3.00 after my 60% off coupon at Michaels.  I knew I wasn't going to have a use for the entire container of AS Dark Wax.

Here's my opinion of the Folk Art Wax.  It was not anything like the consistency of the AS wax, very runny.  I used a foam brush to apply in even strokes.  It was frightening at first to see the paint turn brown, but after it sunk in it really turned more black.


 I really need to start wearing gloves....

I added a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax to protect and shine.

I used the Silhouette and vinyl to make the clock.

Here's the finished piece.

And I already know I'm going to store wine, linens and dinner type items on here as it is in my tiny dinning room next to the table.   It fits right at home with our eclectic style of furniture!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on chalk paint, waxes and finishes!

Happy painting!
~ Kristin

August 2, 2016


Exactly one year ago my kids and I were flying across the country to Disneyland, a gift from my amazingly generous sister.  In the few months leading up to our trip I thought about the ways to get character autographs.

After all of the Pinterest searches, I decided on a picture frame mat.  This 11x17 white frame from Target had a very large mat, perfect for large character signatures.

We walked around Disneyland for two days with the mat and two gold sharpies collecting signatures.

When we got home I chose one of my favorite pictures of my daughter and Cinderella to put inside.

I used my Silhouette and some metallic blue vinyl to add 'Disneyland 60' to it - since it was the special 60th Anniversary year.  The font is ORANGE GROVE which I found here at WDW Prep School.

I love walking into her room and seeing this amazing keepsake.

What special projects do you have from your theme park vacations?  I'd love to see them!

~ Kristin