August 25, 2017

Totality Bulletin Board

I jumped on the totality craze this Back To School week.  Simple bulletin board created with black paper, spray bottle of bleach and a plastic container lid.   I painted the words but you could use pre-cut letters or use a great font on the cutting machine.

Take the paper outside (put some weight on the corners it so it doesn't blow away).  Lay the lid down where you'd like it.  Spray the bleach all around.  Let the sun do the rest!

This bulletin board could be adapted to any grade and any subject.... you could even change 'totally' to 'totality'.

"Totally" awesome students....scientists....readers...1st graders...the posibiitiles are endless.

July 27, 2017

The Letter 'E'

This week I got to make this beautiful wall letter for my friend's nursery.  She sent me the idea and bought all the supplies.  I did the work.  Teamwork at it's finest.  She loves it and I'm excited that we got to be together to make it.

The directions are all over the internet so I won't repeat them.  I will say that you definitely want to buy more flowers than you think - - better to return than to keep running back!  Also, most directions just had you sticking the flowers into the foam, but I made sure to poke a hole first and then use hot glue in the hole so that there was no chance of the flowers falling out when hanging on the wall.

How beautiful would this be with fall flowers too!?  ... maybe I'll be making one for fall !

July 22, 2017

Doll Stuff & Bake Shop Sculpey Review

My daughter has become obsessed with playing with her American Girl doll.  This week she sold 'baby toys', made $80 and immediately bought two things she really wanted from AG on sale and the IKEA DUKTIG doll bed.  - - - Doll Bed DIY here - - -

As those things were inexpensive, she still has some money left over which we of course are encouraging her to save.

Since it's summer we have plenty of time to do some doll crafting.  My daughter has asked for a kitchen for her doll for her birthday, so we decided to start stocking up her freezer and pantry, in the hopes the Birthday Fairy comes through.

A few days ago we made these ice cream sandwiches following this DIY tutorial from American Girl Ideas.

It was super fun and easy.  Very minimal supplies. We actually made these in a Starbucks while waiting for big brother to finish up at baseball practice!  Just follow the video below:

Sculpey Review

This was my first time using Bake Shop by Sculpey ( .97 cents a pack at Wal-Mart) . I highly recommend it especially if you are crafting with little people.  I usually dislike using Sculpey for projects for two reasons - it's hard to knead, and it crumbles.  NOT this stuff!

July 21, 2017


My daughter has become more interested in her American Girl doll.  She has had it for a year now, but this summer she's really started playing with it all day.  She sold some baby toys and bought her own bed for her 18" doll from IKEA, the DUKTIG.  As you can see it fits the doll in length exactly, and is plenty wide.

It's normally $19, but it's currently on sale for $14.  For the price, you can't beat it. Especially since you can customize it however you want, which is what we did.

Out of the box, it's plain light wood with a gender neutral bedding.

The first thing we did was paint it.  Unfortunately as it is over 100 degrees here this week, spray paint was out.  It just doesn't take in this heat and humidity.  So I brought out my neutral sample house paint - Sherwin Williams 'On the Rocks' - and gave it a few coats.  

I suggest painting all the pieces and then building - - much easier.

Added our old doll sized mattress

Then it was time for bedding.
Looking through my giant stash of fabric, my daughter chose two that at first I was skeptical about, but actually look very nice together.  I love that the one is a travel print.  We can use that 'theme' for a room later on!

I made the quilt reversible and two coordinating pillows.  No patterns, just used the bedding it came with for size.
There is one layer of batting in the quilt, and several in the pillows.

I prefer the travel side out, my daughter the daisies.  I keep flipping it when she's not looking.

And because I am obsessed with crafting for this doll, as I was for her Bitty Baby when she first got it, I'm quite confident she will be getting some Winter bedding for Christmas.  

I hope this post gives you a better idea of the possibilities for this bed!

March 22, 2017


I am not a fan of writing sub plans.  Find me one teacher who is right?  I think it's especially hard for us Art teachers since we don't have textbooks or worksheets ... and usually although my lesson plans have the appropriate objectives and things written down, most of my plans are in my head.

Inspired by Cassie Stephens, and her session at the Art of Education Winter Conference, I got the brilliant idea to film my sub plan for tomorrow.   It's a very simple sub lesson; just a guided drawing and some rubbing plates, but it feels awesome to know the results will be what I want them to be!

Here's a bit of the finished assignment.  Click here for the whole video.

I have to admit, it was easy in theory, but due to the Windows & Apple interface issues, it took me a lot longer than I wanted.  I got it all uploaded by the end of the day, and had my last class of 2nd graders be my Beta testers.  It was very cute how excited they were to see my video and they even clapped at the end!

I'm looking forward to doing a few more videos for the next sub days!
Happy Spring!

March 8, 2017


8th graders have been studying Edward Hopper and the feeling of isolation in his paintings.  They created their own paintings of lighthouses (lighthouses seem like lonely structures in themselves!), using placement of land and water, and light to mimic his style.


February 15, 2017


Several years ago I did a lesson with my 3rd grade that was very popular - OLYMPIC PICTOGRAMS - you can find the original post here.

This year I did it again, this time using purple for the shadows.  Just gives it a different softer feel.  Kids loved it.

We haven't had a single snow day, so I'm living winter through our art lessons!
~ Kristin