July 21, 2017


My daughter has become more interested in her American Girl doll.  She has had it for a year now, but this summer she's really started playing with it all day.  She sold some baby toys and bought her own bed for her 18" doll from IKEA, the DUKTIG.  As you can see it fits the doll in length exactly, and is plenty wide.

It's normally $19, but it's currently on sale for $14.  For the price, you can't beat it. Especially since you can customize it however you want, which is what we did.

Out of the box, it's plain light wood with a gender neutral bedding.

The first thing we did was paint it.  Unfortunately as it is over 100 degrees here this week, spray paint was out.  It just doesn't take in this heat and humidity.  So I brought out my neutral sample house paint - Sherwin Williams 'On the Rocks' - and gave it a few coats.  

I suggest painting all the pieces and then building - - much easier.

Added our old doll sized mattress

Then it was time for bedding.
Looking through my giant stash of fabric, my daughter chose two that at first I was skeptical about, but actually look very nice together.  I love that the one is a travel print.  We can use that 'theme' for a room later on!

I made the quilt reversible and two coordinating pillows.  No patterns, just used the bedding it came with for size.
There is one layer of batting in the quilt, and several in the pillows.

I prefer the travel side out, my daughter the daisies.  I keep flipping it when she's not looking.

And because I am obsessed with crafting for this doll, as I was for her Bitty Baby when she first got it, I'm quite confident she will be getting some Winter bedding for Christmas.  

I hope this post gives you a better idea of the possibilities for this bed!

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