March 22, 2017


I am not a fan of writing sub plans.  Find me one teacher who is right?  I think it's especially hard for us Art teachers since we don't have textbooks or worksheets ... and usually although my lesson plans have the appropriate objectives and things written down, most of my plans are in my head.

Inspired by Cassie Stephens, and her session at the Art of Education Winter Conference, I got the brilliant idea to film my sub plan for tomorrow.   It's a very simple sub lesson; just a guided drawing and some rubbing plates, but it feels awesome to know the results will be what I want them to be!

Here's a bit of the finished assignment.  Click here for the whole video.

I have to admit, it was easy in theory, but due to the Windows & Apple interface issues, it took me a lot longer than I wanted.  I got it all uploaded by the end of the day, and had my last class of 2nd graders be my Beta testers.  It was very cute how excited they were to see my video and they even clapped at the end!

I'm looking forward to doing a few more videos for the next sub days!
Happy Spring!

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