October 9, 2016


In our house 'Alison Wonderland' is a big deal. (Yes, we've told her a zillion times its Alice IN Wonderland....)

 For her 6th birthday, my daughter wanted a Mad Hatter/Wonderland themed party.  I may have created a monster one day when I showed her how Pinterest worked.... within 10 minutes she had 40 pins.  At least I knew what she wanted!

Most of the party was created with stuff we already had.  Guests saw the White Rabbit in the garden and this sign on the door.

When the entered each girl was given a Mad Hatter Hat (a headband) that we made.  Except for the birthday girl, the guests each had the same one.  My daughter wanted it that way.  She said she didn't want any fighting.  These were made from felt, ribbon, and index cards.  Headbands were cheap on Amazon.

The girls each chose a small box wrapped in blue ribbon that had a key on a colored ribbon.  Each ribbon was a different color.  This was how they found their seats around the table.  This way, no fighting about who could sit next to the birthday girl!

 I had wanted to have the tea party outside, but due to the hurricane we had rain the day before, cold weather and strong winds.  So I had to move the tea party inside.  I actually borrowed a small kindergarten table my school was throwing away, and 7 little chairs.  It was the perfect size!

We hung lanterns MY DAUGHTER MADE herself from the ceiling.

I really wanted the table to be eclectic.  We used mixed matched paper goods and bulletin board paper for the table runner.  The girls drank lemonade out of my grandmother's coffee cups because they looked more like tea cups than anything I had!

Topiaries were fun to make and I used the extra tea cups my daughter had painted.
The White Rabbit was from the Disney Store.  Great addition to the table.

The girls played Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat.

We played croquet outside.  Wickets and flamingos created and cut on my Silhouette machine.

 The girls all had their own cupcakes with a candle and we sang happy un-birthday to them.  Then Happy Birthday to my daughter.  The girls opened presents and then they watched Alice in Wonderland till their parents came.

It was a lot of work but so worth it.  Next year though I'll do the bowling alley!

How crazy do you get for your kids' parties?  I'd love to know!

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