September 29, 2016


This is a two day 6th Grade lesson on HUE, TINT, and SHADE.  It's also a quick review of contour drawing which we did the second day of school.  You can see our contour and line drawing lesson here.

On the first class day the students get a half of real sweet smelling lemon to draw.  We discuss drawing what we see, not what we know....lemons aren't true circles!  The flesh segments aren't just triangles like a bicycle wheel!

Then they mix tints of yellow to paint the flesh and the fruit.

On the second class day they are charged with finding tints and shades of violet, yellow's complementary color, to collage the background.  More vocab here as we also talk about contrast.  We also have a chance to review our tertiary colors - red-violet and blue-violet.

Aren't they just lemony-awesome!
I'm always looking for good value lessons so link em up if you've got some!

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