July 29, 2016


Friday!  It's time for my FAVORITES for the week.  I'm linked up with Momfessionals.

This week it's my favorite for summer baseball and back to school!

As the All-Star Baseball Team Mom, I was in charge of all the swag for the team and the boys.  These Pentel Wet Erase Car Markers are my FAVORITE to use on the car windows!

You can draw super easily with them and they don't wash off instantly in rain, yet wash off in a breeze with just water.  Find them on Amazon here.

We always have so much fun decorating the cars for the team for their tournament!  It's one of my FAVORITE team traditions.

Another FAVORITE thing we use a ton during baseball season and at the pool is the Pampered Chef Small Square Cool and Serve.

 It has this gel insert that we keep in the freezer, and it will keep all of our sandwich fixings, or perishable fruit snacks cool for 4-6 hours even in the sun.  It's a great way to transport healthy food and to resist constantly eating from the snack bar.

Of all my Pampered Chef items, this is one of my FAVORITES!  And if you are interested and need a Pampered Chef saleswoman, my FAVORITE is Ms. Tonya Cole!  She's amazing and so is Pampered Chef.

This week we focused on our school shopping.  My kids wear uniforms and my youngest needed all new shoes.  We decided on the same pair as last year, my daughter's FAVORITE shoes to wear every day to school.  She says they are more comfortable than sneakers!

And, yes, she wore the same pair the entire Kindergarten year!  They looked great, not too much wear on the toe.... and that's with two recesses a day!

Uniform shoes can be pretty boring, black or brown Mary Janes, but these shoes by Pediped made my daughter happy - they have a tiny bow and pink stitching on them!

The best part is that they are 'flex' which means they can grow with her and you get two sizes out of the one pair.  These Isabella Flex shoes are a winner!

Another FAVORITE is this pencil case from LL Bean.

Excellent construction and low price point, these small bags do not disappoint.  My 13 year old is happy to have a sturdy pencil pouch that fits his small collection of pens and pencils and even his graphing calculator.

They have a great choice of colors and patterns (he got the buffalo check), and a bonus.....they are offering FREE SHIPPING!!  I'm not sure for how long though!

For my daughter we got her this pencil case from Lands End

She loves anything leopard/cheetah (I can't tell the difference!) and had the matching backpack last year.

Lands End is my absolute FAVORITE for my children's coats, snow gear, and backpacks.  They guarantee everything for life and will replace an item with the exact or similar one no questions asked.

Their quality is amazing --- my 8th grader has had the Classmate EZ Wipe lunch box since 1st grade!!  Of course my daughter has the matching leopard one as well.

I'm always open to discovering new school supplies.  Let me know some of your FAVORITES in the comments!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love that cool and serve from Pampered Chef too! I have the large one and use it all the time!

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