January 25, 2016


Students are given a handout with 4 choices for a plan; deviations are of course encouraged but this gives them a sure fire way to have symmetry.  The choices are:
  • bellies touching
  • beaks touching
  • tails touching
  • sitting on a branch.

After a few preliminary sketches and a review of contour drawing, they fold the black paper in half and draw the basic outline.

Cut the paper while keeping it folded and the image will be in perfect symmetry.

Glue to the white paper and begin planning the layered paper pieces.

Bellies Touching
Tails Touching
On A Tree
Beaks Touching
Scrap pieces of paper are used for adding the colorful paper details.  I look for at least two layers of paper here.

These turn out beautiful every time, and not one is ever alike.

Do you have a paper cutting lesson that you like?  Please share in the comments below.  Happy cutting!

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