May 25, 2015

ROUND TRIP ~ Which Way is Up?

Today I'm sharing a 6th grade two- forty minute -class lesson on negative and positive space; a lesson I do right before introducing the black & red style of Greek pottery. 

The materials for this lesson are minimal: black and white construction paper cut to the same size {ours are 12x18}, scissors, glue sticks, black and white markers.  I used the Sharpie white pens but unfortunately they aren't as strong by the end of the year!  I don't recommend silver as it isn't really as convincing as the white.

To start this lesson, I begin with reading the book Round Trip by Ann Jonas.  Even 6th graders are completely blown away by this book.  Make sure to read it correctly though - no cheating!

If you've never heard of this book you must give it a read.  The images are all black and white and illustrate a trip - flip the book and the images are in reverse.  It is super super cool.  I remember this book from when I was a child and so glad to keep it going!

Some of the pages they really liked were when the marshes become the fireworks.

Begin by drawing a skyline in the horizontal middle of the black paper.  Cut carefully on the line.  Draw the lines for the road {searchlight} on the black positive skyline and cut out.  Glue the remaining black positive spaces to the white paper. Embellish as interested with dots for lights/stars, or rain/grass, or marsh/fireworks. 

To display these I took pictures and showed the opposite image below/above.




Enjoy! Kristin

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