August 24, 2013

ARTISTE {the Behavior Game}

This year instead of stickers, charts, checks ,points, and what-have-you I've gone with the game method of tracking successful class behaviors.  In previous posts I mentioned that I use the A-R-T system of keeping down classroom noises and large-group off-topic behaviors.  {ART is up on the board at the start of class...each time the noise level is too loud or their are whole tables of kids goofing off, I remove a letter.  When there are no more letters up on the board, the rest of the period is silence.  I was going to switch to the word NOISE but I have run out of steam here (and time!)}

Here is my finished game which I named "Artiste", which is french for Artist.  

I couldn't think of a catchy title, and my class game pieces HAD to be these adorable mustache post-its I found at Staples... and to me mustaches and France goes well together ... 

 and then to add some more artistic flair I decided to have the game be hosted by Salvador Dali ~ the most famous mustache of all!  

 {But yes, I do know that Dali is Spanish not French, but let's just go with it ok?!}

How the Game Works:
I created the game to be Art History themed, a timeline of sorts, with cards that move the classes around the game board.  If they keep all their ART letters during class time I will pull a card from the stack and they will move to that color {think Candy Land!}.  Just like Candy Land, occasionally there is a special spot on the board and if the kids pull that card they could jump ahead.  Once they get to the end they will have their "free day" activities the next class.  This is a great FREE reward the kids look forward to.

How I made it!:
Thankfully a wonderful teacher blogger {The Teacher Wife} created a template for her own game and made it a freebie on her site{here}.  My hero!  I printed out her template on colored paper plus one white, and began by placing the pieces around the board, leaving a white one occasionally for the special spaces. This took a while because I kept changing my mind how many art periods I was going to use and where they should go.  I used a Candy Land board to help me with the design.

Once these were in place I began drawing and filling in the spaces.  Because I wanted it to be a timeline, I placed several art periods around the board that are not the 'special' spaces. {And yes, if you are looking really hard at the picture at the top of the post, I know Cubism and Post Impressionism aren't before Impressionism but the space at the top threw me off...again, just go with it!}

Lastly, I saved artwork examples of my special spaces on my computer and printed them out in wallet size.  Then I took the remaining pieces from the template and glued them to white card stock, also cut wallet size, and laminated all the cards.   I'll keep them in a post it pocket on the bulletin board for easy access.

So that's my game.  I hope the kids enjoy it.  The rules are simple - keep your ART letters and I will pull a card and move the class game piece to the appropriate space.  Once they get to the end the class will have their free art day.  Can't wait to show them Monday!

~ Kristin